Packing for excess luggage - collapsible travel bags

It can be frustrating when you pack everything you need when you leave to go on holiday but you end-up buying items that just won't fit in your luggage.

The answer is collapsible bags.

Collapsible bags will easily fit in your luggage. They fold up to conveniently fit in the corner of your suitcase but will expand to hold significantly more luggage.

It's worth considering whether you get a collapisible bag that is within cabin luggage sizing. Many travellers have the ability to carry an extra cabin luggage at no cost but have used all of their check-in allowance.

Once you no longer need these nifty bags they will fold into a small compact pouch easily fitting into a handbag or storing away until your next trip!

Collapsible luggage is also great with other packing accessories such as Packing Cubes.

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