Shoes inside blue and pink shoe pouches sitting neatly on a rack
Drawstring Shoe Travel Bag with Transparent Window - I Love 2 Travel
3 pairs of shoes inside a drawer protected using dark blue shoe pouches
Packing shoe drawstring pouches in a suitcase
Set of 3 light blue shoe drawstring pouches under a couch
Shoe drawstring pouch in dark blue and light blue
Shoe drawstring pouch for keeping shoes organised
Water resistant shoe drawstring pouch
Navy blue and light blue sets of shoe drawstring pouches
Drawstring Shoe Travel Bag with Transparent Window

Drawstring Shoe Travel Bag with Transparent Window

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Great value and so versatile!

This travel drawstring shoe bag is lightweight, portable and easily foldable when not in use. It is perfect for packing shoes but can also be used for packing or storing toys, accessories, clothes, toiletries or just about anything!

The drawstring on the bags make them easy to carry when traveling, swimming or going to the beach.

The transparent window in the shoe pouch makes it easy to see the contents inside the bag.

The bag is made from high quality non woven fabric.

The shoe pouch comes in three colours and sizes:

  • MEDIUM - 36 * 27 cm (All colours)
  • LARGE - 43 * 29 cm (Navy Blue & Light Blue)
  • LARGE - 44 * 32 cm (Pink) 
And finally, this shoe drawstring pouch is a great gift for that person that loves to travel.

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