Hidden Money Waist Pouch in Black and Khaki
Hidden Money Waist Pouch in Black
Hidden Money Waist Pouch in Khaki
Hidden Money Waist Pouch in Black and Khaki

Hidden Money Waist Pouch

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This hidden money waist pouch is a great solution to secure your money, cash, credit cards, passport and valuables on the go.

Keep your valuables in a secret place whilst still being easy to access on your waist whilst travelling through airports,  buses, trains or walking through crowded cities and tourist attractions.  Stash your valuables safely around your waist hidden under your clothes close to your body and concealed from pickpockets.

This hidden pouch is lightweight with a comfortable elastic waistband and will fit easily under your clothes.  It will fit nicely on anyone as the waistband is adjustable up to a 45 inch waist.

The money belt is an ultra thin solution that comes with two zippered pockets for easily organising and separating your passport and money.

In addition it is perfect for a night out when you simply don't want to carry a handbag around with you.   Just slip your money, credit card, ID and your lipstick in there and you are ready to go!

Waist Pouch comes in black and khaki colours to suit your outfit.

Made from fine soft Nylon fabric.

Dimensions: 13 x 26 cm

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