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Paper Soap - 20 pcs

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Paper Soap

This paper soap is perfect for washing your hands especially when camping outdoors, hiking or just to keep as a backup when travelling.

Sometimes hand sanitisers just don't cut through the dirt.  This portable paper soap are a great alternative to get you clean in no time. 


  • Paper soap is ideal for all travellers.  They are small lightweight and easy to carry and ensure you can always wash your hands where ever you are.  
  • Perfect for travel, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities. 


  • Place in your car glove compartment.  You never know when you will go into a public toilet with no soap.
  • Perfect when a clean up is needed when travelling with kids.  


  • Each pack comes with 20 pieces in a plastic box so that you can easily transport it anywhere ready to be used. 
  • Each sheet is like very thin leaf of paper which dissolves easily under water.  Simply place the leaf in your hand, add water, lather and wash.
  • Each sheet is beautifully scented and produces lots of suds with very little water.


  •  Box size : 7 cm * 4.5 cm
  • Paper soap : 5.5 cm * 3.5 cm

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