Perfume Atomisers - Refillable Mini Perfume Spray Bottles in multiple colour range
Perfume Atomisers - Refillable Mini Perfume Spray Bottles in multiple colour range
Perfume refillable spray bottles lipstick size
Perfume refillable spray bottles lipstick size
Perfume Atomisers - Easy to Refill
Perfume Atomisers - Easy pump Refill
Perfume Atomisers - Gift Box
Portable lipstick size perfume atomiser
Perfume Atomisers - Gift Box
Perfume Atomiser in Dark Pink
Perfume Atomiser - I Love 2 Travel
Perfume Atomiser in Pink
Perfume Atomiser in Metallic Pink
Perfume Atomiser in Gold
Perfume Atomiser in Black
Perfume Atomiser in Blue
Perfume Atomiser in Bright Gold
Perfume Atomiser in Bright Silver
Perfume Atomiser in Green
Perfume Atomiser in Metallic Blue
Perfume Atomiser in Purple
Perfume Atomiser in Red
Perfume Atomiser in Silver
Perfume Atomiser - I Love 2 Travel
Perfume Atomiser

Perfume Atomiser

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Perfume Atomiser - Refillable Mini Perfume Spray Bottle

You want to take your favourite perfume but really don't want to have to carry a heavy or breakable large bottle of your special perfume with  you?  Then this perfectly sized atomiser spray bottle is the perfect solution for you!

This small and light refillable perfume atomiser spray bottle fits perfectly into your pocket or handbag and is ideal for when you are travelling or just on the go.  Simply just fill it up with your favourite fragrance and pop into your bag.  Not only is this perfume atomiser perfect for perfume but is also great to fill up with men's aftershave.

It is so easy to use, simply take off the cap of your perfume bottle, sit the bottom of the mini spray bottle on top of the perfume spray tube and then press the mini spray bottle up and down repeatedly to fill in the perfume.

There are multiple colours to choose from so if you like the option of having more than one fragrance with you, then why not choose a different colour, one for each fragrance.

Some of the great features of the perfume atomiser  include:

  • The atomiser spray bottle has an indicator window so you can easily see how full it is.
  • It is perfect for storing some of your favourite fragrances without having to take the whole bottle with you on holiday.
  • It's perfect size will let you stay within the liquid limits for hand luggage.
  • Made from high-quality aluminium material, durable and light-weight.
  • So convenient to carry, similar to a lipstick size.  Great for Travelling.
  • Product size 8 x 1.6 cm.
  • Capacity: 5 ml.

Perfect gift idea for that friend or family that loves 2 travel and enjoys having their fragrance with them!

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Ways you can use this handy Perfume Atomiser:

    • Keep in your toiletry bag so you don't need to bring the whole perfume bottle.
    • Take 2 (or more) to have several perfume varieties while you are on holiday.
    • Stash in your hand luggage to freshen-up at stop-over airports.
    • Keep in your handbag for work days in case you need to freshen up during the day.
    • Share with children so they don't use your whole bottle.
    • Give to friends (with perfume), or family to share your perfume.

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