Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks Set of 4
Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks
Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks  peel off sticky backing
Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks Water Proof
Body loofah and towel hanging on tiled wall using clear adhesive wall hooks
Kitchen utensils hanging on tiled wall using clear adhesive wall hooks
How to stick on a adhesive wall hook
Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks Hanging Ideas
Kitchen utensils hanging using clear adhesive wall hooks
Black backpack hanging using a clear adhesive wall hook
Set of 2 clear adhesive wall hooks

Clear Adhesive Wall Hooks

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These super powerful hooks are ideal for hanging your bathroom and shower accessories as well as your kitchen appliances.

SUPER STRONG - They have a clear suction cup with metal hook and will work on glass, wood, tiles and metal surfaces.  There is no need to drill any holes into your wall. Not to be used on painted walls.

MANY USES - The multi-purpose hooks are good for hanging items in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office and for both indoor and outdoor use.  Hence they are great for hanging kitchen utensils, cups, pans, jackets, bags, umbrellas, bathrobes, bath towels, hats, scarves and keys.

GREAT WHEN TRAVELLINGNo hotel room you've ever stayed in has enough hooks for your belongings.  These hooks make life so much easier and they barely take up any space when packing!   Use them to hang your towels, toiletry bags, keys, clothes etc.  Super cheap and very handy!

STYLISH - The unique transparent design of these clear adhesive wall hooks make them almost invisible and are especially suitable to match in with your home decoration style.

EASY TO USE - Clean and dry the surface, remove protective film then press the hook firmly onto the wall whilst removing any bubbles.

DIMENSIONS - Size : 6 cm * 6 cm  (approx.)

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