Bag Organiser, are they worth it?

Well we think so!

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Well-designed, well-made bag organisers or bag inserts can be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.  They not only will protect and support your favourite handbag but are great for those who are constantly searching in their bags for car keys, lipsticks, hand cream, pens, phones etc.

A bag organiser not only helps organize your bag but can also help protect the inside of your bag from pen marks or other mishaps like lipstick accidentally opening up inside the bag.

They are also perfect for people who have many handbags as they make switching from one handbag to another so much easier and quicker! Just lift it out, everything is intact, and change bags easily.

If you own a tote bag, you will know that things just always seem to get lost in there and end up in the bottomless pit. A bag organiser inserted into your tote bag can make a world of difference.

But wait there’s more… 

These are PERFECT little bag organisers for both men and women! Below are some other ideas for the uses of this nifty organiser.

  • For your briefcase for holding electronic gizmos, power cords, flash drives, earbuds, mouse etc.
  • For your work desk drawer for holding pens, sharpies, sticky tape etc. that you can pull out easily when swapping work desks or take with you to meetings and seminars. Especially good for teachers!
  • For your car console for holding small change, pens, writing pad, wipes, tissues, first aid kit, flashlight etc.
  • For your home first aid kit so you can easily grab it and take everything you need with you to another room or outside. 
  • For your travels for holding passports, travel documents, reading books, pens, lip moisturiser, phone, phone charger etc.

Bag Organisers

So how exactly do you use them...

bag organisers inside

It's about figuring out where everything should be placed so that your items are most accessible and easy for you to see.

The trick is to try and make things stand up inside of smaller pouches so that you can see easily what's inside at all times.  For example, use one of the many pouches to stand your glasses vertically, this way you can easily find them and quickly pull them out when needed. Vertically place your lipstick, phone, pens etc.

We guarantee you that these handbag organisers will keep your items easily accessible and within easy reach.

In addition, these handbag organiser's will make great gifts especially to people who need a little bit of organisation in their lives. 


Take a look at our range of bag organisers. They come in a range of colours to suit your personal style. Get one for each of your handbags and match the colour to suit.

These bag organisers also make a perfect gift idea. They are handy, compact and an ideal gift for the person that is hard to buy. Please check delivery times to ensure that your gift purchase arrives on time, especially for country and regional delivery addresses.

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