Drawstring Makeup Bag - The HOTTEST trend in Makeup Bags

Drawstring Makeup Bag - openDrawstring makeup bag - closed

You will never have to scramble through your makeup bag again. This Drawstring Makeup Bag opens in seconds and makes it so easy to find all your makeup at once!  

So many pretty designs to choose from there is sure to be a style to suit anyone.

Drawstring Makeup Bag Features

 EASILY FIND WHAT YOU NEED - No more scrambling around, with this latest trend of makeup bag you'll be able to find everything you need fast!

 CLEVER DESIGN - So clever with its design, it opens quickly and lays flat in seconds. 

PACK UP INSTANTLY Packing up all your products is no longer a chore. Just place everything on the open makeup bag, and pull the strings to close.

 PERFECT ON THE GO - Perfect for when you are travelling or on the go.  

 DESIGN CHOICES - Choose from14 colours and prints to suit any style. 



Are you confused about the name?

These same bags can be called scrunch bags, flat lay makeup bags or drawstring makeup bags.

How much do they hold?

 drawstring makeup bag size

As you can see, the main bag area is just over 50cm, circular. You can hold a range of makeup products. Of course, once you pull the drawstring, it collapses into a small, flexible package. You use the spring-loaded drawstring clamps to hold the drawstring closed with all of your makeup items inside.


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