5 Big Reasons Why You Need A Perfume Atomizer In Your Bag

Before we get to the reasons lets firstly look at...

What is a Perfume Atomizer

Perfume Atomizer

So...you want to take your favourite perfume with you but really don't want to have to carry a heavy or breakable large bottle of your special perfume. Then here comes the Perfume Atomiser to the rescue!

A Perfume atomizer is a perfectly sized lipstick shaped bottle that you can fill with your favourite perfume allowing you to take and apply your favourite perfume with you where ever you go.  The top of the bottle has a nozzle sprayer allowing you to easily spray a mist of perfume quickly and easily.

This small and light refillable perfume atomiser spray bottle fits perfectly into your pocket or handbag and is ideal for when you are travelling or just kept in your daily handbag allowing you to freshen up whenever necessary.

Why you Need a Perfume Atomizer 

  1. FOR TRAVELING - Perfume atomizers are perfect for storing your favourite fragrances without having to take the whole perfume bottle with you whilst on holiday. In addition it's perfect size will also let you stay within the liquid limits for your hand luggage.

  2. CONVENIENCE - So convenient to carry, similar to a lipstick size making it easy to keep one, two, three or more! in your handbag or luggage. Perfect for when you can't decide on which fragrance to take with you.  Why not just take them all!

  3. STAY FRESH - Keep them in your handbag for work days in case you need to freshen up during the day or in your hand luggage to freshen-up at stop-over airports.

  4. EASY SHARING - Perfume atomisers make it easy to share your favourite perfumes with your children or friends.  

  5. REFILLABLE - Not just single use.  These portable little bottles can easily be filled and re-filled as needed. They fill up in seconds and are easy and mess-free.
Refillable Perfume Atomizer
These perfect perfume refillables come in a fabulous colour range. 

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